1. To my hero and my inspiration,
    Thank you for always giving your best for Barca. You always defend our team and be our captain. Your leadership makes our team united. You’ve been there since so long, through the ups and downs. Your contribution to the club is unforgettable, and you’ve dedicated your life to the club. You’ll never be forgotten. Thank you, once again, for being the captain of our club, and the most important - the heart of our club.

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    carles puyolFC Barcelona

  2. Jay Chou is in Sydney now

    Let me just cry

    I need/want to be there

    Why did he have to cancel his Melbourne concert

    I can’t


    Jay Chougoing to wallow in sadness and listen to all his songs now

  3. bleeply:


      finally finished working on this new item for you guys ! its handmade ( i.e. design printed onto the sweater and the stars hand sewn ) and an original product ~ it comes in s,m,l, and xl ( in unisex sizes ) and in either pink, light blue, white, or black ! i hope you like it !

    Someone please please please get this for me

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  4. itsjasme:

    “I saw the never changing sky in a completely different light. Only because we are gazing up at it together, the skies have become infinitely more beautiful.”

    koizoracreysmiuru haruma